Vacuum brake booster test stand

Vacuum brake booster test stand

    The stand is designed to carry out qualification tests to assess impermeability and durability under the cyclic loading conditions. Also it determines the functional properties of vacuum brake boosters.

Вакуумный усилитель

The vacuum booster is made in the form of a hermetical case with a rounded shape. It is installed directly in front of the brake pedal in the engine area. The master brake cylinder is mounted on the booster case. The vacuum booster consists of the following systems: a case, a working diaphragm, a service valve, a brake pedal shaft, a brake hydraulic-cylinder rod, a return spring. The vacuum brake booster helps the driver push the brake cylinder in order to produce pressure in the brake system.

This stand allows with high precision to determine the main functional characteristics of the vacuum brake boosters:

  • decline underpressure in the vacuum chamber of the booster;
  • brake fluid pressure at outlet of the main brake cylinder;
  • reverse time of the pusher from the heavy-loaded to the initial position;
  • pusher movement.

The general principle of the stand is a complete imitation of the vacuum booster in the car. Certain modes are used for each type of tests that are supported according to the provisions defined by technical specifications and GOST standards.