Aerodynamic Chamber

Aerodynamic Chamber

    The stand is designed to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of ventilation facilities (both with radiator unit and without it) of engine cooling systems, cabin air conditioning, heating and car ventilation. In addition, this stand allows you to determine the aerodynamic characteristics of other air circuit elements of the aforecited systems.

Tests of ventilation units at this stand are carried out in accordance with GOST standard 10921-90 «Radial and axial-flow ventilations. Methods of aerodynamic testing».

Stand «Aerodynamic Chamber» is made according to the scheme of the inlet chamber, equipped with auxiliary ventilation, imitating the air flow by moving automobile.

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Upon the test results the following aerodynamic characteristics of the ventilator are determined: productivity; total, static and dynamic pressure developed by the ventilator; consumed power; total and static ventilator efficiency; air density; rotation frequency of impeller.

By the outcomes of experiments the resulting aerodynamic characteristic of ventilation facilities allows to produce a research for the choice of rational design options and operating modes not only of the ventilator itself, but also of the radiator-ventilator unit in whole.